Monday, February 27, 2012

The 90g reef

Well, if its not one project with me its another. The 55g high-tech planted tank is done now so what else is there to do but buy another tank. So this morning I scored a 90g tank at a pawn shop for dirt cheap. $50 for a pre-drilled, dual corner overflow, mini-monster. I can already tell you that this build is going to be a big one and its gonna take some time. Here's the problems I already know of:

-Tank looks terrible, needs to be deep cleaned, badly
-Who ever pawned it had the "smart" idea of sealing the overflow holes in the bottom of the tank and removed the overflow boxes 
-Aqueon, AllGlass, Marineland, and GlassCages will not sell me aftermarket overflow boxes, I already called them.
-I have no clue how old this tank is so I'm going to reseal the entire thing so I don't wind up with 90g of water in my carpet.
-The upper rim is cracked. Not a big deal and its on the back of the tank.
-The front pane has a chip in it. Possibly not the safest thing in the world.
-It did not come with a stand.
-I will eventually be building my first sump for this project.
-I'm sure more problems will come to light as I get deeper into this project.

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