Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saltwater Revamp

So here's what's been happening in my tank lately. The 40 breeder reef is now 5 months old and I am starting to see some of the effects of "mistakes" from the set up of the tank. Not really mad at myself, it's my first salty tank and there are bound to be missteps and a bit of wasted money. I've been using tap water for the last 5 months, I figured no big deal. That was problem number 1. Ive had all sorts of algae blooms and my phosphate is a little over 0.25ppm. My neon green birdsnest, which I loved, started to die from the bottom up. I think this was a result of the phosphates and poor lighting, only 2 39w hoT5s. I was able to frag the birdsnest out before the necrosis got too bad. I got 4 large frags off of it. The smallest one died from tissue death but I was able to sell off the other 3. The main colony started to get hair algae on the skeleton and bubble algae on the base, so I trashed it.
New tank lights (Coralife Aqualight Pro)

Old lights (ZooMed 36" dual hoT5)

Now, I'm trying to fix everything. I bought a 150w hqi/power compact light from Coralife and I'm in the process of switching to RO/DI water. So far I've changed out 10g with it and my phosphates have already dropped a bit. I picked up (maybe prematurely) two acroporas; one is a purple plasma and the other is idk. It's orange. I'm gonna call it a creamsicle acro is ever frag it out and sell it. So far I've seen polyp extension on both. 
Purple Plasma acro

"Creamsicle" acro

Next step, is to remove the turbo snails from the tank, they are bulldozers of the snail world, and replace them with astrea or cerith. After that I'm going to think about changing the aquascaping even though I am very proud of how it looks it's just not conducive to having lots of corals in the tank. Also I want to get my softies off to the sides and the light intensive corals into the middle.

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