Monday, February 27, 2012

Tearing Down the 40 breeder

Tomorrow I start to tear down my 40g tank in anticipation for my new 90g tank. In the interim between now and when the tank is complete I will be running the 40 solely as a frag tank. I have been battling hair algae and various other problems in the tank. I wasn't planning on putting my current fish in the 90 and I can't afford to run two reef tank so I am striping it clean. I built a large 1'x2' frag rack that will go in the 40 and I will be able to grow out my frags in peace and safety and the algae problems should subsist due to the radically decreased bioload. The only things I'm keeping besides my corals are my tiger conch and my cleaner shrimp.

I will have one new addition though, a Magnificent Foxface that I am getting tomorrow. The Mag will be a permanent resident of my 90g and in the meantime my hope is if any hair algae does come back he can graze on it and keep it to a minimum; plus I got a killer deal on it.

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