Friday, August 19, 2011

From Out of the Depths

I was just preforming my weekly water changes and doing a deep cleaning on the 16g bowfront; which surprisingly for the low bioload is my dirtiest tank. The deep cleaning usually incompasses removing the crayfish's cave, cleaning under it (he hoards food under it and the gravel is usually blanketed in uneaten and disolving algea wafers and shrimp pellets), scrubing all the algea off of the cave and of the Buddah's head. Anyway, the apple snails kept getting in my way while trying to put decor back in so I took one out of the water and to my surprise this thing was HUGE. These snails were nowhere near this big a year ago when I got them and the water and bowfront combo distorts their image so I had no clue how big they were. Now I'm wondering how big that crayfish would look if I pulled him out of the tank for a bit.

In other giant invert news I found this article on Yahoo today

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